Sunday, January 27, 2019

BnB-E4- What to do when Home Loan Rates change?

When home loan interest rates change, people assume that they will automatically recieve the benefits of such changes. Little do they know that banks have a well laid out plan that even when the rates come down, they have a plan to screw you out of any possible benefit. Listen to this podcast to know the reality and become a smart borrower who knows how to reap the benefits of such changes in a growing economy.

Monday, January 14, 2019

BnB-E3-Should I pre-pay my homeloan?

In this podcast I am going to talk about a situation where a person with a homeloan has received some lumpsum money and is unable to decide whether one should prepay the loan and become debt-free or one should keep this money and let the loan run through its tenure

I have also developed a tool to figure out each case and the tool is available FREE here. No registration required.

Monday, January 7, 2019

BnB-E2: Why the 4% rule fails in India

While most of the western world swears by the 4% rule for financial independence, this rule falls woefully short in India.
Western FI specialists recommend to accumulate 25 times your annual income and withdraw 4% of it every year to have a never ending income stream. But how will we make this work in an inflation prone economy like India's? Listen to this podcast for a deeper understanding.

Link to original podcast: BnB-E2: Why the 4% rule fails in India